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Zacuto Announces New Recoil Rig, Cage for Panasonic GH6

Zacuto Announces New Recoil Rig, Cage for Panasonic GH6

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Just in time for the release of the Panasonic Lumix GH6 mirrorless camera, Zacuto has announced a new camera cage and ACT Recoil rig to outfit your GH6 in function and style. The new form-fitting camera cage is designed specifically to fit the GH6 and allow full access to its ports and functions, including its fold-out LCD screen. The GH6 ACT Recoil rig includes the cage and provides a shoulder-mounted option for your GH6 camera for run-and-gun and documentary shoots, as well as for standard tripod mounting.

The camera mounts securely onto the cage using a bottom ¼"-20 screw, and it also features two side screws to prevent it from twisting or moving in any way. In addition to protecting the camera, the cage provides numerous mounting options for accessories and rigs. Integrated right into the base of the cage is an Arca-type mount that allows you to mount the camera quickly onto any standard Arca-type base mount. Around the cage you’ll also find ample ¼"-20 threads, an ARRI-style rosette on the side, and NATO-style Z-rails on the top and side to add handgrips, lights, monitors, and other gear. Included with the cage is an adjustable hand strap and an HDMI cable clamp to prevent your cables from pulling or disconnecting and possibly damaging the port. Since it extends from the body of the camera, a right-angle HDMI adapter is included to make sure you don’t have to reach through the cage when you need to unplug it. 

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