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24 Questions for Sally Davies About Her "New Yorkers" Portrait Book

24 Questions for Sally Davies About Her "New Yorkers" Portrait Book

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Over the past 35 years, Sally Davies has photographed the streets of New York City with a mix of anthropological endurance and high style. But, despite her encyclopedic vision of the city’s exterior face, Davies became troubled by the thought that future generations would know nothing of the people living inside all the buildings she had pictured. Her resulting quest to photograph and interview New York residents in the spaces they call home “had wings right from the first day,” as she describes it—with people of different races, genders, incomes, and ages inviting her into their individual domains like a vibrant game of telephone.

In the Q&A below, Davies shares a handful of portraits and anecdotes about her recently published book, New Yorkers, a project that has taken on new meaning during the past year of lockdown. As she mentions in her intro to the book, “The days of inviting people into our homes is over, and in the blink of an eye these images have become souvenirs of another time.”

Photographs © Sally Davies

Jill Waterman: When did you start making pictures of New Yorkers in their apartments, and what inspired you to do so?

Sally Davies: I started photographing these people in early Spring 2019. I wanted to switch things up and dive into something altogether different than what I am known for. I have done portraiture in the past, and always loved doing that type of work. I thought it would be a good next step to add to all the exterior stories I have been telling about the city. The idea of home is such a huge part of our psyche. Hopefully, it’s where we feel safe and comfortable. Like the old saying goes: “Home is where our stuff is.”

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