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Celebrating Women in Media: YouTube Influencer TechMeOut

Celebrating Women in Media: YouTube Influencer TechMeOut

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From her humble beginnings as a technophile seeking to jailbreak her phone, the YouTube influencer known as TechMeOut has established an enviable platform for sharing her savvy with an audience of nearly 400,000 followers to date. Covering everything from the latest Android and iOS apps to must-have smart home gadgets, she breaks down the details with a laid-back, conversational approach.

As part of our celebration of Women's History month, we welcome her trademark mix of practical insights and relatable tips in the conversation below. Read on to learn how she transformed her brand from a hobby into a career, carving an impressive niche as a woman of color in a male-dominated field. And, most important, remember her motto to stay relentless with your message, no matter what.

Where are you based? North Carolina

Please list your most important social feeds/networks:

YouTube, Instagram, Twitter

Jill Waterman: How long have you been creating content, and what first inspired you to start making and posting YouTube videos?

TechMeOut: I’ve been creating content on YouTube for ten years. In 2012, I started modifying the software on my phone and went to YouTube for help to understand the process. In doing so, I saw a few things I liked about how the information was relayed, and things I wished were different. So, I decided to address those things I would like to see changed by starting my own channel. I wanted to share my perspective on technology in a way that spoke to your average consumer.

What is your educational background, both photo/video/tech and other studies, and how have you applied these studies to your current business?

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