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Blackmagic Announces Cloud-Focused Resolve 18 and Cloud Storage Solutions

Blackmagic Announces Cloud-Focused Resolve 18 and Cloud Storage Solutions

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The cloud is looking like the big winner of 2022 with plenty of companies announcing new tools and solutions to help bring the cloud down to earth. Blackmagic is making one of the biggest splashes here with its DaVinci Resolve 18 offering Cloud Collaboration and a variety of new Cloud-centric hardware to make working with remote teams even easier.

- DaVinci Resolve 18
- Cloud Store, Cloud Store Mini, Cloud Pod
- HyperDeck Shuttle HD
- HyperDeck Extreme 4K HDR
- ATEM Constellation HD
- Cintel Scanner Light Source

Cloud Collaboration and AI Come to DaVinci Resolve

After a few years of the daily challenges of remote work, we are finally starting to see the full results of developers working to create the best tools for those looking to maintain their remote capabilities. DaVinci Resolve 18 is a great example of that. The new cloud collaboration, in conjunction with the new Blackmagic Cloud service, will allow colorists, editors, VFX artists, and audio engineers to work simultaneously in the same project.

Blackmagic Cloud is the key to collaboration in Resolve 18. It will run at a cost of $5/month for the host (collaborators do not need their own subscription) and allow users to host their project files in the cloud using the DaVinci Resolve Project Server. This allows anyone connected to the project to access the current version in real-time and make updates alongside others on the team.

A new Blackmagic Proxy Generator App comes with Resolve 18 and will automatically create and manage proxies. Using watch folders, new media is generated in H.264, H.265, or ProRes formats for faster workflows. Resolve knows where all these files are and makes switching between originals and proxies as easy as a single click.

Resolve 18 also adds intelligent media location management so that collaborators can quickly link to their file paths to eliminate the need to manually relink assets. There is a lot here to support remote workflows and collaborators.

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