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Introducing an Original Docuseries: Before We Could Drink

Introducing an Original Docuseries: Before We Could Drink

B&H explora - All posts
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We've all heard it before: "You're too young to understand." Leah Judson is an image maker based in Washington, D.C., and is determined to change the narrative of our incoming youth. Her strategy? She'll be flipping a bus into a mobile studio and driving it across the US. She'll find and interview 12 voices under 21 who are defying the nation's expectations but are somehow being overlooked. This adventurous series is called Before We Could Drink, and it will incorporate photography, film, and audio recordings that will intimately tell each character's 'why' and their decision to drown out the noise and keep chasing their dream. This project is about creating a platform for young minds to express themselves without interruptions and for older generations to connect and see the work that can be done for our younger communities.

Imposter Syndrome became a crippling, emotional disease for many like-minded friends and colleagues of mine. I felt hesitant to raise my hand, claiming the same symptoms because it went deeper than self-doubt. I found that I was missing clarity on my WHY and that I was holding myself back from saying YES to any ideas I had that were beyond the constraints of normalcy in my community.

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