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The Mac Studio is a New, Better 27" iMac

The Mac Studio is a New, Better 27" iMac

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Product Description

A funny thing happened at the end of Apple’s Mac Studio event. Instead of announcing new models of the 27" iMac and Mac Pro—which is what we were all expecting—Apple announced a new Mac Pro, and that was it. What happened to the 27" iMac? Well, not only was there no new model, but Apple discontinued the existing generation and removed it from its online store. The unexpected move sent a clear signal that the Mac Studio with 27" Studio Display is meant to be the new 27" iMac experience. And for all intents and purposes, it is a much better one.

Apple’s Own Comparison

At every product launch, Apple makes a lot of claims about how good its latest release performs. Usually, Apple makes a direct comparison in which the new item is, for example, 2.7 times faster than an earlier model. It was super easy to compare the newly released MacBook Pros with the last-gen versions. But interestingly, the Mac Studios were compared directly to—you guessed it—the 27" iMac.

Sounds a lot like the Mac Studio is the intended successor to the 27" iMac.

The exact model Apple chose as its point of comparison is the 27" iMac with the top-of-the-range 10-core Intel® Core™ i9 processor. But even the Mac Studio with an M1 Max chip blows it out of the water with a performance speed that is 2.7 times faster. The M1 Ultra nearly doubles that to 5.3 times.

When we consider the GPU, the M1 Max beats out the top-end graphics option for the iMac by 3.5 times, while the M1 Ultra takes it up to 5 times. The Mac Studio wins definitively by providing better performance than its predecessor—a key metric for upgrades.

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