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What Was Your First Camera?

What Was Your First Camera?

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It is a bit strange to think that many of the citizens of today’s world created their first-ever photograph casually with a smartphone or other mobile device. For those who grew up in the age of film, while we might not remember the first image we created—although we likely knew it was a moment of permanence and carried a small cost (film and developing), we may remember, and have fond memories of, the very first camera we used or owned. 

While some cannot look fondly on their first picture-making machine, some photographers have a special attachment to their first camera… and stories to tell! 

To hear some of these stories, I polled my fellow B&H employees, as well as our B&H Creative partners and affiliates, to come up with this reminiscence of first cameras and experiences. 

Levi Tenenbaum, B&H — @ibelevi 

“Like most others, I started off with point and click 35mm cameras that our family used to capture vacation memories. My father was also one of those who invested in a proper shoulder mounter VHS camcorder to record our family memories—and that’s probably where the idea of documenting family moments became ingrained. 

“The trigger for photography for me was when my cousin and his friend shot some amazing high fashion style B&W on disposable cameras. I was shocked that it was that simple and shot tons of rolls of disposable camera until another cousin started a Photo 101 class. 

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