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ARRI ALEXA 35: Surprisingly New, Breathtakingly Great

ARRI ALEXA 35: Surprisingly New, Breathtakingly Great

B&H explora - All posts
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ARRI’s new ALEXA 35 camera is already making waves in the cinematography world, and we are happy to provide you with the latest info. Boasting a new sensor design and new color science, the ALEXA 35 is a brand new camera with 17 stops of dynamic range (2.5 more than previous ALEXA cameras), and a familiar Super 35mm camera package with a host of dedicated accessories that will fit into established on-set workflows. Truly a 4K camera that fulfills the mandates for 4K origination while using a Super 35mm-sized sensor, the ALEXA 35 delivers not just the tech specs, but it also expands the creative potential of your images. This is a truly massive achievement by ARRI, and it does away with the two-form-factor approach of previous ALEXA cameras where the smaller version sacrifices some of the high-end features of the larger cameras. There is no larger-sized version—the ALEXA 35 is compact, yet sacrifices none of the high-end features. The ALEXA 35 is currently offered in several bundles including a 15mm LWS Lightweight Set for on-the-go use and a 19mm Studio Production Set suitable for more studio-oriented setups.

Arri Alexa 35 15mm LWS Lightweight Set (Left) and Alexa 35 19mm Studio Production Set (Right)
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