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Improve Your Portrait Lighting with a Softbox

Improve Your Portrait Lighting with a Softbox

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There’s a reason that softboxes are a preferred lighting modifier in the world of fashion photography and portraiture. With an effect that mimics daylight, the softbox offers a more flattering light source for models and a more diverse set of lighting options for photographers. It’s a versatile staple that should be in every portrait photography lighting kit.  

A Dynamic Light Source 

The softbox’s enclosed area creates a light source that behaves differently from standard lights. Creating a continual rebound effect, it bounces light around within an enclosed area while creating a source of light larger than the subject being photographed.  

This is much more flattering for portraits than other, unmodified lighting setups. For example, the use of a softbox allows for more control in either obscuring or softening certain facial features, giving the photographer more freedom to decide what to bring attention to, such as the nose, chin, eyebrow ridges, lips, or even small blemishes.  


While softboxes can create the same vibrant glow that hard lighting typically offers, they also feature much smoother transitions from light areas to dark. In this case, softening the light lowers the chance for harsh shadows that can over-emphasize a facial feature. The key is in the distance between the softbox and the model. 

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