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Tips for Photographing a Lunar Eclipse

Tips for Photographing a Lunar Eclipse

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Before you venture out to photograph your first lunar eclipse, you should get some practice taking photos of the moon. If lunar photography is varsity-level stuff, lunar eclipse photography is all-pro. There are some unique challenges to the art, and great ways to get creative results, but the basics of lunar photography apply. Unlike solar eclipse photography, you do not need gear to protect your cameras, lenses, or eyes. However, like solar eclipse photography, having the right accessories may help you get the best images.

If you are new to lunar photography and you missed the link above, or did not get the hint, pause here and head to this link with some tips for photographing the moon.

It should be known that you can take a "casual" and successful photo of a lunar eclipse with just about any camera, including your smartphone. But, if you want the know-how to grab a truly epic keeper, keep reading.

One personal note before we dive in: I have photographed several lunar eclipses and I have not always gotten the best results. Honestly and luckily, I get better at photographing lunar eclipses every time I do it and I am going to pass on the lessons I have learned so that you can, hopefully, get good results your first time out!

Photographs © Todd Vorenkamp

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