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What You Can Do with a Macro Lens

What You Can Do with a Macro Lens

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The question: What can you do with a macro lens? The answer: Just about anything! If you want to get into close-up photography, the best tool for the job is almost always a dedicated macro lens—preferably one that does life-size (1:1) reproduction. An alternative 1:2 (half-size) macro lens is nothing to sneeze at and could easily fall into the “best tool” category as well. Having said that, a macro lens is also a supremely capable tool for capturing portraits, landscapes, and all other types of photographs. Most mainstream macro lenses are not “one-trick ponies” in the photo world.

Photographs captured with macro lenses © Todd Vorenkamp


For those just wanting to dabble in the realm of the tiny universe, you don’t need a dedicated macro lens—there are other ways to get up close to your subject with a “standard” lens, using extension tubes, close-up lens filters, and more. Sometimes the cost of a macro lens cannot be justified by all photographers, but, if you look at how versatile the macro lens can be, it might make a lot of sense to add one to your camera bag.

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