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9 Alternative Camera Supports

9 Alternative Camera Supports

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When the phrase “camera support” is mentioned, most of us think of the tried-and-trusty tripod, and for good reason—the tripod is the single best way to steady your camera for long shutter-speed exposures, group photos including the photographer, or just for minimizing camera movement to maximize image sharpness.

However, the tripod has definite shortcomings, and it is not always practical or permitted to bring a tripod with you to every location. Because of this, creative inventors in the world have developed alternatives to the three-legged standard.


One thing the tripod-mounted camera sometimes struggles with is panning speed and flexibility. After all, the tripod is designed to be static. However, if you’re shooting long telephoto lenses, camera shake is the enemy. The monopod gives the long-lens photographer a boost of stabilization while allowing movement to capture the action of sporting events or wildlife.

Cameras can be directly mounted on the monopod or attached to a tripod head. Ball heads, specially designed monopod heads, or pistol grip heads allow fast repositioning of the camera.

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