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Intentional Camera Movement Photography, Part 1: Introduction

Intentional Camera Movement Photography, Part 1: Introduction

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Welcome to the world of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) photography—a fascinating and beautiful world where the camera and the photographer’s movements combine to become a mechanical paintbrush—transforming photographic capture into something completely unique and otherwise invisible to the naked eye. In a photographic world generally obsessed with image sharpness, there are photographic artists amongst us who give little thought to everything we’ve ever been taught about photography to create spectacular images by intentionally moving their cameras during capture.

Above image © Laura Zimmerman

What is ICM and what are some tips for creating compelling ICM images? For this three-part series of articles, I spoke to 28 different ICM artists from eight different countries to record their thoughts on this genre of photography and share their tips about how other photographers might best explore the unique world of ICM.

“The Substance of Memories”
“The Substance of Memories” Julia Anna Gospodarou

Introduction to ICM

In the simplest terms, ICM can be defined as photographic capture while intentionally moving the camera during the exposure.

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