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The Best Tripod is the One You're Willing to Carry

The Best Tripod is the One You're Willing to Carry

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There is perhaps no other piece of camera gear as highly disputed as the humble tripod. Billed as, “the ugly duckling of equipment” in a 1985 New York Times story by legendary writer and picture editor John Durniak, he went on to explain, “one measure of a good photographer is the ability to handle one. Far from being an esoteric device limited to professionals,” he noted, “the tripod, in skilled hands, can be a useful tool for the interested amateur who can profit from some of the creative uses to which professionals have put it.”

Despite the sea change from analog to digital, technological advances of in-camera and lens-based stabilization, breakthroughs in reaching stratospherically high ISOs, and miracles of image composites and sharpening in post, the simple wisdom of this quote still rings true today. The use of a tripod remains an essential way to improve image quality at the instant of capture, ideally with minimal effort. Yet why do so many photographers leave this important tool behind, believing it to cramp their style as overly cumbersome or excessively bothersome to set up?

One potential cause is the growing ranks of manufacturers that offer seemingly comparable products, which can make choosing the right setup for your needs an overwhelming task. To help you make the right choice, the story below offers useful insights on basic types of tripod kits and different categories of tripod heads, legs, and other stabilization options for those seeking a custom setup.

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