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Canon RF Lens Quick Guide

Canon RF Lens Quick Guide

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Now that Canon has had a few years to expand its RF-mount mirrorless system, the brand has developed a well-rounded portfolio of lenses capable of handling nearly any situation you’d like to photograph. Coupled with the development of several cameras, ranging from the advanced R5 and R3 to the sleek and approachable R7 and R10, you can dial-in your camera-lens kit to address a variety of specific shooting styles, ranging from a sleek and portable landscape shooting kit to the more robust and speed-minded professional setup. Here’s a quick guide to some RF lens combos for different shooting needs. 


Typically characterized by wide-angle fields of view and benefited by smaller, lightweight designs, landscape photography is a genre that you can also make your own and add your personal touch to the scene by varying your lens choice. 

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