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Gaffer Tape Is Better than Duct Tape

Gaffer Tape Is Better than Duct Tape

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Did you know that gaffer tape is superior in many ways to the legendary duct tape? Especially for those in the photography and video world, only one tape product reigns supreme over the pop-culture favorite. Not only is it great in studios and on sets, but gaffer tape also has almost unlimited uses in the home and garage and outperforms duct tape in many categories.  

Looking for a different kind of tape? B&H Photo has a huge selection of different gaffer and specialty tapes… including duct tape! 

The Legend—Duct Tape 

Over the years, the ubiquitous duct tape has gained a reputation for strength and versatility and has become the choice of handy people everywhere. Finding uses all over the Earth, on popular TV shows, and even in emergency repairs on and inside spacecraft in flight and on the surface of the moon, duct tape has proven itself to be an amazing product with an incredible number of uses. 

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