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Hands-On with the Devialet Dione Soundbar

Hands-On with the Devialet Dione Soundbar

B&H explora - All posts
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It’s hard to feel inspired when considering the soundbar landscape. In most cases, you simply get a wide, black box that’s designed to sit near your TV. You connect the soundbar to your home entertainment system and expect to be treated to an elevated audio experience—and for the most part, it delivers. If you’re being honest, though, rarely would you expect a soundbar to compete with larger systems that consist of dedicated speakers powered by an A/V receiver. Well, if you want to inject a healthy dose of surprise and excitement into your movies and TV shows, I encourage you to explore the Dione from Devialet. While not perfect, the Dione is the most engaging and fun soundbar experience I’ve had to date. Granted, sound quality is subjective, but allow me to explain how I reached this conclusion. 

Devialet Dione 950W Virtual 5.1.2-Channel Soundbar
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