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Maximize the Performance of Your Gaming PC

Maximize the Performance of Your Gaming PC

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Looking to play the latest games or get the most out of your gaming experience? Whether you want to achieve higher frame rates or push the quality settings to ultra, upgrading the graphics card, CPU, RAM, and storage for your desktop computer can have a significant impact. Choosing the right upgrades to fit your style and budget can be a challenge, but we’ve got you covered with offerings from Intel®, NVIDIA, Samsung, and others that will help kick load times to the curb while pushing quality settings to the max. 

Boosting 1080p Game Performance 

Equipping your rig with a 12th generation 3.6 GHz Intel® Core™ i7 12-core Desktop Processor allows you to take advantage of the Hybrid Core architecture, which uses dedicated Performance cores to power demanding games and applications while the Efficient cores manage background tasks and multitasking. AMD users may be interested in upgrading to a 3.8 GHz Ryzen 7 5800X Eight-Core processor, which features the fast Zen 3 architecture to take on demanding tasks. If it’s within your budget, check out the 3.4 GHz Ryzen 7 5800X3D CPU, which uses the unique AMD 3D V-Cache vertical design to boost the performance of 1080p games by up to 15%.  

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