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The Best Cameras for Selfies

The Best Cameras for Selfies

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Do you always want your selfies to be captured on tiny, tiny sensors through tiny, tiny lenses? You might, at first, say, “Yes, that is fine.” But think about it for a few minutes and realize that you want your beloved friends, adoring family members, and admiring fans to enjoy your self-portraits in the highest possible quality—captured by a capable camera that is practical and versatile. Right?

The popularity of the selfie has revolutionized photography and the self-portrait. The selfie has changed how we interact—or rather, don’t interact—with others when we want to include ourselves in photographs. And the selfie has even dictated camera design, forcing camera manufacturers to figure out how to get LCD screens to face in the same direction as the lens. Crazy, right? Yes, that is right. The selfie has changed camera design. Name one other genre of photograph with that kind of influence.

Here are our recommendations for cameras that you might want to consider adding to your everyday carry that not only allow you to get better-than-the-average-selfie selfies, but also allow you to take great photos of other things besides your beautiful mug!

1. FUJIFILM XT-4 Digital Camera

The FUJIFILM XT-4, a heavy hitter of a camera, has the articulating screen that selfie photographers demand, but it also adds the flexibility of the full range of Fujinon X-series lenses. Besides, it looks great, with a retro shape and top-dial controls. Ask yourself, “When taking a selfie, don’t you want to be holding and looking at a camera as good-looking as the subject?”

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