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What Photograph Have You Missed?

What Photograph Have You Missed?

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It has probably happened to all of us—a missed photographic moment. We are photographers. We usually have a camera at the ready. But, for one reason or another, we miss a shot of a beautiful vista or a fleeting, but perfect, moment in time and we are left with nothing but the memory of the image that never was captured. 

I asked my fellow B&H photographers, as well as our B&H Creative partners and affiliates, to share with us the heartbreaking story, or stories, of the photographs they have failed to capture. 

Bryan Carnathan@bryancarnathan

“Hosting instructional photo tours is a great way to meet new people with a shared passion and to make new friends. Often, the new friends join future tours. While spending additional time with friends is great, they remember things.

“One morning, while leading a small group instructional photo tour in Rocky Mountain National Park, we located a large bull elk. The elk was in an especially scenic environment but was not in the best position. The temperature was climbing, so I returned to the SUV to remove a layer of clothes.

“Upon return a few minutes later, I found the friends excited about the great opportunity they just had. The bull stepped out on a huge rock and majestically posed, and it was now, as you guessed from the topic of this article, already out of sight. I'm not sure if they were happier with their photos or being able to give me a hard time about missing that moment.

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