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AMD Radeon Pro W6800 Review: Beast Mode

AMD Radeon Pro W6800 Review: Beast Mode

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When AMD first announced the Radeon Pro W6800 Graphics Card, my first thought was that I had misheard. Surely, they weren't releasing a 32-gig card—that’s four times the amount of its predecessor! Which is insane. Turns out, I didn’t mishear. AMD really did release a 32GB workstation GPU. And we were lucky enough to test it out. 

Radeon Pro W6800: Specs and Features

As the headliner of the Radeon Pro W6000 series, the Radeon Pro W6800 is AMD's most powerful workstation card to date. Featuring a truly bonkers 32GB of GDDR6 memory with ECC support, the W6800 is a huge step up from its predecessor, the Radeon Pro W5700, which only had 8GB of memory. It's also significantly more powerful than the other workstation cards in the W6000 series, the Radeon Pro W6600 and W6400. 

AMD Radeon PRO W6000 graphics cards side by side
The AMD Radeon Pro W6000 series workstation graphics cards

While 32GB of RAM might be the Radeon Pro W6800's most conspicuous feature, it's hardly the only one worth talking about. Check out this comparison table to see how well the Radeon Pro W6800 stacks up against its predecessor and the other AMD W6000 series workstation GPUs.

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