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Best Color-Critical Monitors for Creative Professionals

Best Color-Critical Monitors for Creative Professionals

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If you are pursuing a creative discipline, you have likely encountered moments in which, despite your best efforts, your physical prints looked different from what you saw on your screen. For a burgeoning graphic designer, photographer, or videographer, investing in a color-critical display is a great way to prune the review process by producing accurate colors at the onset. A superb color-accurate display will cut down on time, stress, resources, and strain while yielding quality results, all of which we have considered for our top recommendations.

BenQ SW321C

The SW321C from BenQ is another solid monitor for students and professionals that has no issue keeping in step with the PA311D. With native 4K resolution, this display features 99% Adobe RGB, 95% DCI-P3, and 100% sRGB coverage, making it compatible for work with film and photography, just like the PA311D. The included hot-key puck makes switching around these profiles a breeze and is attractive for creators who like to toggle between them while reviewing color edits. Sporting a 32" display, this monitor runs only slightly larger than the PA311D’s 31.1" size. However, its width affords users the extra space to spread out, view, and edit work in a way that is as functional as it is satisfying. Unlike the PA311D, it can be used in vertical and horizontal orientations and features a matte screen to eliminate glare with or without the included shade hood. Working with this display, even in a bright room, is a pleasure, and is well suited for a creative who spends extended amounts of time in front of their screen or who frequently deals with eye strain. Even if you only opt for one of these, the impressive size, in tandem with its powerful resolution and color tonality, can fundamentally shift the quality of your work and overall productivity.

BenQ SW321C 32
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