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Does Avid's MBOX Studio Live Up to the Hype?

Does Avid's MBOX Studio Live Up to the Hype?

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Product Description

Back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth, you had to buy specific audio interfaces to run Pro Tools, or else you were out of luck: without the hardware, Pro Tools was nothing but dead space on a hard drive. Without Pro Tools, you’d have a rough time getting work in the audio industry.

The original MBOX rose to prominence against this backdrop of proprietary tech. Whether or not it sounded good didn’t really matter; many of my peers simply got one as a dongle for home editing work in Pro Tools.

Twenty years later, the times have become quite different—you can use any interface with Pro Tools. Audio interfaces are better and cheaper than ever. And music from the majors to the indies is often made in bedrooms. In light of such tech, Avid has reinvigorated the MBOX line with the MBOX Studio. I’ve had it in my studio for a few weeks now, and I’m here to tell you whether or not it’s worth the hype.

Avid MBOX Studio Desktop
Avid MBOX Studio Desktop

Unboxing the MBOX

The MBOX Studio claims to “bring professional recording power to your personal studio,” and its features aim to deliver.

You can record eight channels of audio at once, with four combination XLR-1/4" inputs and four 1/4" line-ins. You can set up independent headphone mixes for recording artists and talk to them through a built-in talkback mic. Have multiple pairs of monitors? No problem there: you can drive two sets of speakers, and even set independent levels for each.

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