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Crucial X8 External SSD: Maximum Bang, Minimum Buck

Crucial X8 External SSD: Maximum Bang, Minimum Buck

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Earlier this year, Crucial added a 4TB storage option to its popular X8-series of external SSDs. Like the other storage options in the X8 lineup, the 4TB model promises fast transfer times, a slim, sturdy design, and enough storage to hold a small library’s worth of data. To see whether it could live up to those lofty promises, we took the 4TB X8 External SSD home for a weeklong hands-on review.


When it comes to external storage, the story remains the same: every year, drives get smaller, faster, and more spacious. Still, it’s hard not to marvel at the Crucial X8. We’re talking about an SSD that’s smaller than your iPhone, yet packs up to 60x as much storage. It’s slimmer than a deck of cards, yet it can withstand drops that would break bones. It’s sleek, it’s sturdy, it’s effortlessly portable. In terms of physical aspects, the X8 is as quality a build as you could hope for.


Crucial lists the X8’s read speeds as up to 1050 MB/s and its sequential write speeds at 1000 MB/s. Our own stress tests didn’t quite hit those numbers, hovering around 950 MB/s for write speeds and 910 MB/s read. That’s a little shy of Crucial’s listed speeds and other synthetic benchmarks, but it’s still pretty darn close and awfully fast. To hit those speeds, the X8 utilizes its USB 3.2. Gen 2 Type-C interface, which, as of this writing, is still the second-fastest version of USB 3.2, supporting data transfer speeds up to 10 Gb/s.

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