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KRK Announces GoAux Portable Powered Monitors

KRK Announces GoAux Portable Powered Monitors

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KRK has released its latest entry in the micro monitor market, the GoAux Series portable monitors, which deliver renowned KRK sound quality in a pint-sized format. Designed to go anywhere, the GoAux 3 and GoAux 4 monitors include a nylon carrying bag that holds both monitors, as well as the included monitor stands and additional cables and accessories; the GoAux 4 also includes an Auto ARC microphone. The ABS rear-ported cabinets are durable and supply surprising bass extension in speakers this small. The built-in Bluetooth 5.0 receiver allows you to stream audio wirelessly from your favorite portable device with minimal latency. The compact stands are adjustable, allowing you to dial-in the perfect position and angle.

Both models offer 120 x 60° dispersion for a wide sweet spot. The main speaker houses the amplifier, volume control, and 2-band EQ. It also provides power to the satellite, which is great for mobile applications, since you only need a single power source. The GoAux 3's inputs include stereo RCAs and a 3.5mm aux, while a 3.5mm headphone output is provided with an auto speaker mute for private listening sessions. The GoAux 4's inputs include stereo RCA, dual 1/4", USB, and a 3.5mm aux input. The front main speaker features a 3.5mm headphone output as well as a 3.5mm mic input that works with the included measurement microphone and uses the Auto ARC room correction feature to optimize the speakers' response to your acoustic environment automatically, ensuring that your mixes are accurate and translate to all playback systems.

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