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PTZOptics Introduces a New Line of PTZ Cameras

PTZOptics Introduces a New Line of PTZ Cameras

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Many new PTZ and traditionally industrial camera releases have given us cameras with cine-like features, such as embedded auto interfaces and higher resolutions, and these new releases from PTZOptics are no exception to this pattern. From its quiet unveiling of the Studio Pro, to the release of the Move 4K cameras with 12x and 20x zoom, PTZOptics is expanding the capacity of these cameras beyond the conference and industrial space and into content-creation venues.

Studio Pro: The Box Camera and Camcorder Hybrid

With an integrated top handle and included LED light, the Studio Pro has the appearance of a camcorder but with advanced streaming capabilities. The Studio Pro features a 72.5° field of view, 12x optical zoom, and 16x digital zoom for the ultimate framing flexibility. Switch between landscape and portrait orientations for livestreaming via IP and NDI, or output via HDMI or USB to a variety of social media platforms. Its time-of-flight autofocus sensor even gives you the ability to create highly desired bokeh in your visuals. It’s an all-in-one solution for content creators wanting to participate in webinars or stream to platforms like Twitch and Instagram with professional, 1080p60 HD image quality.

Studio Pro
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