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RED Announces V-RAPTOR RHINO 8K S35 DSMC3 Cinema Camera

RED Announces V-RAPTOR RHINO 8K S35 DSMC3 Cinema Camera

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Product Description

When RED introduced its next-generation V-RAPTOR cinema camera, the brand advanced the product line to the DSMC3 platform with its large-format 8K sensor, RF lens support, and compact size. However, large format may not be ideal for certain production environments such as broadcast, wildlife shoots, and live events. So, B&H is pleased to announce that RED has just released the limited-edition V-RAPTOR RHINO 8K S35 cinema camera, providing native Super35 format to support wide-range zoom lenses and a compact size to fit into any environment.

Focus on Wildlife

RED had wildlife filmmakers in mind when designing the V-RAPTOR 8K S35, as filmmakers can utilize a wide range of zoom lenses to stay far from their subjects while maintaining focus and a sharp image. The 8K S35 also sports an ultra-compact form factor and ample internal 8K recording capability to keep a roaming cinematographer’s rig light and mobile.

Broadcast and Live Events

Similarly, the wide range of zoom lenses also makes the 8K S35 a great addition to live-event broadcasting, providing numerous features such as a shallow depth of field, slow-motion capture, the ability to adjust and crop multiple frame sizes in post from a single capture, and RED Connect live 8K workflows to enhance your production process.

Same Cinema Look

While the 8K S35 supports multiple production environments, it is still a go-to for film productions wanting to create beautiful cinematic imagery with a variety of Super35 cine lenses, without the specific need for large-format lenses. The ability to capture 35MP 8K images with a wide, 16.5+ stop dynamic range allows you to capture beautiful detail in shadow and light.

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