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Winter Photography Glove Roundup

Winter Photography Glove Roundup

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I recently had an appointment with Dr. Google that culminated in a self-diagnosis of Raynaud’s disease. I wanted to find the best “photography gloves” for my condition so that I can keep shooting through the cold of winter, but with so many options, I was immediately left adrift in a cold sea. All my life, my hands and feet have gotten cold well before other human beings around me in the same weather. Late fall and winter sailing, skiing, backyard football, and long treks into the cold of night with photography gear—all memories punctuated with remembrances of cold hands and feet. Luckily, modern fabrics and technology have made photography-specific gloves better than ever and we, at B&H Photo, sell many brands.

It was my initial hope to test every pair of gloves that B&H sells but, upon putting all of them into my B&H shopping cart, I realized that I could, in one order, blow out the Explora budget. So, I pared down the list and received a large cross-section of our brands/gloves. I also enlisted the help of co-worker Carmen Rojas to give me her thoughts on the female-bespoke gloves, as well as all the unisex styles. We also expanded our search into “touchscreen gloves” because many of you are using your smartphones and tablets while making images, taking photos with said smart devices, or you might even have a digital camera that has a touchscreen LCD on its rear surface, so the touchscreen-sensitive gloves can be an obvious advantage in many ways.

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