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How to Choose a Vlogging Camera

How to Choose a Vlogging Camera

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2022 was another banner year for vloggers. Not only did we see major releases from industry giants like GoPro and DJI, but big-name camera brands like Sony and Canon continued to wheel out and support their own vlog-specific cameras, making vlog content creation more accessible than ever. The abundance of viable products and uptick in accessibility is a welcomed shift to anyone curious about or eager to jump into vlogging, but with so many great options available, it can be hard to decide where to start. Fret not dear reader: we have some helpful pointers on what to look for in a vlogging camera, as well as some of our top picks to hit the ground running. What are the best features for a vlogging camera?

  • The vari-angle rear LCD touchscreen is a must-have for most content creation and vlogging. Vari-angle touchscreens can twist and rotate frontwards, be tilted up or down, and can lock in place on the back panel of your camera. This kind of touchscreen is the most conducive for checking your exposure and focus, ensuring you are in frame, and generally reviewing your footage while selfie-vlogging.

  • An external microphone port is another key feature to look for in your vlogging camera. While many cameras have powerful built-in microphones for capturing sound, nothing will compare to the accuracy and quality of a dedicated microphone that can be plugged into your camera.

  • Image stabilization is indispensable for creators who plan to vlog on-the-go by making your footage look less shaky, but it is also helpful to have an image stabilizing-capable camera even if you are a stationary creator. While those who prefer sit-down style vlogging tend to use tripods for support, a built-in image stabilization system is a great additional layer for ensuring smooth footage and is a great option to have if you ever decide to go mobile with your content.

  • High resolution is the standard for most cameras today, with 4k being the predominant output. You will most likely encounter vlog cameras that output 4k in your search, but keep an eye out for higher resolutions that will maintain the pace with this rapidly developing technology.

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