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Powering Your Workflow with 12th-Generation Intel® Core™-Based Laptops

Powering Your Workflow with 12th-Generation Intel® Core™-Based Laptops

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If you want to make more content and spend less time complaining about your equipment, having a laptop that meets the needs of your creative workflow is critical. Fortunately, there is an incredible variety of laptop systems powered by Intel® 12th-Generation Intel® Core™ processors that fit almost any professional style, ranging from in-studio photo shoots to editing videos on location to capturing your masterful moves during a livestream. These CPUs stand out with a hybrid core design, which lets low-voltage Efficient cores handle background tasks for smooth multitasking, while the Performance cores do the heavy lifting for demanding applications. The Intel® Thread Director dynamically ensures that each processing thread is always assigned to the right core.

In addition to their versatility, these laptops are the perfect companion because they’re certified to meet the Intel® Evo™ design standard, which includes a long-lasting battery, super-slim screen bezels, and Wi-Fi 6 compatibility so you can quickly upload and share your work. Perhaps most importantly, Intel® Evo™ systems support Thunderbolt™ 4 technology. With it, you can transfer power and up to 40 Gb/s with compatible devices such as external storage drives through a single port. That comes out to 300GB of data in about a minute. You can also boost your workflow efficiency by connecting up to two 4K monitors and daisy chaining up to six devices.

Now, let’s check out the systems that might best suit your creative needs.

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