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What First Telescope Should I Give as a Gift?

What First Telescope Should I Give as a Gift?

B&H explora - All posts
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It is time to view the stars with a friend or loved one who has their eye on a brand new telescope to bring the heavens closer to home. But, when you log into the B&H Photo website, the sheer number of telescopes—not to mention their different configurations, dizzying specifications, and wildly different prices—leaves you with more questions than answers. In this guide, we will attempt to boil things down to a few recommended beginner telescopes (plus other optical options) to simplify your search.

What Should a “Beginner” Telescope Do?

When purchasing a telescope for the first time, it might be best to keep things relatively inexpensive and simple so that you don’t invest in something that starts collecting dust after a single outing or two. This brings us to the category of “beginner” telescopes. Expensive telescopes can be so complex and challenging that they turn off many novice stargazers.

A beginner telescope should do the following:

  • Provide awesome views of the moon, nearby planets, comets, and maybe some deep sky objects like nebulae or galaxies

  • Be easy to operate

  • Come with all the accessories—tripod/support, eyepieces, etc.—that you need to start viewing as soon as it comes out of the box

  • Not be a budget-breaking investment

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