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IK Multimedia Introduces iRig Stream Mic Pro and Audio Interface

IK Multimedia Introduces iRig Stream Mic Pro and Audio Interface

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IK Multimedia is known for providing practical, cost-effective solutions to real-world audio problems, and its new USB microphone/audio interface addition applies that expertise to podcasting and streaming applications. The iRig Stream Mic Pro combines a condenser microphone and 24-bit / 96 kHz audio interface in one convenient package that’s ready to plug in to your computer for instant streaming duties. Ready to suit your needs, it offers flexible input options, easy operability, and allows you to switch between a stereo mode and three mono modes with different pickup patterns: cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure eight.

A Condenser Mic Designed for Podcasting and Streaming

At the heart of the system is the condenser microphone element, built to capture crisp, detailed, and nuanced recordings of your talent and on-air personalities. For many applications, the cardioid polar pattern will be the best choice. This setting focuses audio capture on the person in front of the capsule and picks up less sound from the rear and sides, making it well suited to vocal recording and podcasting applications. In addition to the basic cardioid option, the adjustable pickup lets you dial-in a figure-8 pattern for duets, or a forgiving omnidirectional pattern that will pick up sound in a 360° radius around the capsule to accommodate multiple speakers simultaneously. A second mic capsule means the Pro is even capable of stereo recordings. Adjustable gain controls and LED level indicators make it easy to set just the right input level for your speaking style. A mute button is provided, should the fun get out of hand or if a controversial guest should misbehave.

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