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New VR Announcements Made at CES 2023

New VR Announcements Made at CES 2023

B&H explora - All posts
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In the ever-growing VR category, CES 2023 was the home for industry powerhouses and independent startups alike, showcasing new ideas and updating the world on new VR offerings for the upcoming year. Sony dropped some new info on the imminent PSVR2 launch, Lenovo is blurring the lines of reality with Project Chronos, in-car VR company Holoride wants to take you away while you’re driven around, and startup Dolami has a solution for interacting in the metaverse.

What’s a Metaverse?

You may have encountered the term before this article, each time greeting it with rolled eyes. No one would blame you, since it has been tied to no shortage of hype. Will it replace the Internet and change the world as we know it? Who knows? For now, it’s more palatable to think of the metaverse as simply a term that describes any virtual space that brings people together over long distances to work, learn, socialize, and play. Some of the products and projects below have been designed to help further shape the metaverse, making our virtual interactions within it more natural and nuanced.

Sony PlayStation VR2 Updates

February 22, 2023: The date to which many PlayStation fans are anxiously looking forward, because it marks the release of the PlayStation VR2, the second gen VR gaming headset from Sony. To recap, it will offer 4K HDR OLED visuals (four times the resolution of first gen PSVR), eye tracking, foveated rendering, headset and controller haptics, and much more. At CES 2023, PlayStation made realistic racing fans excited by announcing that a free VR upgrade to Gran Turismo 7 will be available at launch, and it will be joined by more than 30 other titles. The company also dropped the news that one of the most popular VR titles ever is in development for the platform—Beat Saber!

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