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A Glossary for the Glossies: 52 Fashion Terms for Photographers

A Glossary for the Glossies: 52 Fashion Terms for Photographers

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Do you know the difference between a Creative Director and an Art Director? Agent and manager? Call sheet and line sheet? The fashion industry can be as unforgiving to outsiders as it is rewarding for insiders. No amount of smizing will save a photographer who shows up to a test shoot with a #2 pencil but no camera. Luckily, we compiled a glossary of terms every photographer who is thinking about shooting fashion ought to know.

Agency/ Agent

A person or company that represents creative talent (actors, models, artists, etc.); books jobs; and is licensed and regulated.

Art Director

The individual responsible for organizing and executing the concept for a project. The Art Director is responsible for making the Creative Director’s ideas tangible.

Artist Release

A binding contract wherein a photographer and client outline the terms of use and compensation for a photograph or series of photographs. With commercial clients, this may entail the photographer surrendering copyright ownership of an image, hence “release.”

Beauty Shot

A close-up shot of a model’s face, most commonly used in cosmetics advertisements.

Booker (Booking Agent)

The direct contact at an agency responsible for booking talent.


When a client purchases complete copyright ownership of a photograph or series of photographs.

Call Sheet

A document that outlines the details of a shoot: call times, location(s), individuals involved, etc.

Call Time

The time when a person involved in a shoot is required to arrive. Depending upon the complexity of a shoot, times may vary by role.


A set of advertisements connected by a shared concept that features a designer’s collection. These are the images that appear on billboards and in magazine spreads.


When a client invites models to audition for a job.


Photographs of garments taken in a non-distracting (usually studio) setting for use in a catalog.

Cattle Call

When multiple agencies send models to a casting.


A term used to describe a model wearing no makeup or hair products.

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