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Gearing up for Fashion Photography

Gearing up for Fashion Photography

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The equipment used by fashion photographers varies considerably, depending on what is being photographed and who is behind the camera. In general, the kit requirements for documenting a fashion show are more standardized than those for creating editorials. There are successful fashion photographers who can fit all of their gear in a single bag—and others who require an entire equipment truck. This article is aimed at photographers getting started with fashion productions. Photographers interested in capturing runway should read Theanos Nikitas’s excellent article on shooting fashion week.  

Cameras and Lenses

Nearly every type of camera and lens pairing has been used to photograph fashion at some point in its history. An even cursory discussion of this topic would take up multiple articles. If you already have a camera, you should start with what you have and upgrade if necessary. However, there are some basic considerations to keep in mind if you are starting from scratch. Advanced autofocusing features like subject tracking and Eye-AF can be lifesavers when shooting moving models. Similarly, a camera’s burst rate can be the difference between capturing the exact moment the wind shapes a garment perfectly and when it falls flat. The trend toward hybrid photo and video shoots has also made cameras that can do both, appealing to fashion photographers. While most new digital cameras offer some degree of video functionality, not all do, so make sure to check if you plan to supplement your stills with video.

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