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Shooting Fashion Week: What Gear to Bring

Shooting Fashion Week: What Gear to Bring

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Now that you know the basics of Fashion Week from Part 1 of this article, it’s time to learn about the types of conditions you may face, and the needed gear (and settings) for getting great images.

Shooting Conditions and Gear Requirements

Each venue and runway show is unique. Some shows are well lit, while others may have no professional lighting or minimal illumination (I once shot a show in an historic building where the only illumination was from old chandeliers—talk about a challenge!).

When shooting presentations, backstage, or celebrities in the front row, it’s fine to shoot with a flash gun—forget the camera’s onboard flash; it has a limited range and lacks the versatility of a speedlight like the Nikon SB-5000. But remove the flash for runway shows—imagine 100 strobes going off at around the same time: nobody gets a good shot. I’ve even had the occasional shot horribly over-exposed from somebody in the audience using a flash. On the other hand, if the ambient light is too dark and there’s a consensus among photographers, then a flash may be the only solution.

With that in mind, for best results shooting runway, use a camera with good low light/high ISO performance. I prefer to shoot with a DSLR like the Nikon D6 or the Nikon D610 (it’s always good to have a second body as backup, when possible). Canon shooters looking for speedy performance would be well served by the EOS 1DX Mark II or the EOS 5D Mark IV. But keep in mind: You don’t need the most expensive gear to make great runway photos. There are plenty of more affordable models that are equally well suited for the runway.

Mirrorless cameras that provide fast autofocus and continuous shooting (e.g., the Sony a9 II) will also suffice.

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