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Portable Lighting Kits for Wedding and Event Photography

Portable Lighting Kits for Wedding and Event Photography

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When wedding, portrait, and event photos are required outside of the studio, you often need to bring portable lighting kits. As we all know, houses of worship and event spaces are rarely lighting friendly to the wedding shooter and portrait photographer. While we all wish we had enough hired help to lug full-sized lights and heavy C-stands to our locations, portable light kits help photographers get the shots their clients demand without requiring pack mules or forklifts.

Lighting options on the market are plentiful and the price points range from that of an expensive dinner to that of a decent used car. Let's break down the different genres of lighting and provide a few recommendations for each category.

Compact Monolights

Relatively new to the market are battery-powered compact monolights that are the size and weight of a common pro zoom lens. While they don't bring the power of a traditional monolight strobe, what they lack in power (they will still be more powerful than an on-camera speedlight) they make up for in portability.

A big player in this segment of the market is Profoto, with the Profoto A2 Monolight and its 100Ws power. Weighing just over 27 ounces, the light can fire off 400 full-power pulses before needing to be recharged. For light-shaping needs, the A2 is compatible with the Profoto Clic System, like the user-friendly Clic Softbox Octa 2', for example.

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