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Proper Mic Technique for Podcasting

Proper Mic Technique for Podcasting

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Proper Mic Technique for Podcasting

From news and entertainment to educational and informative topics, podcasting has become an increasingly popular medium for delivering captivating content. But no matter how interesting your podcasting content is, it is always vital to ensure that the audio quality is top-notch if you want to maintain your listener’s interest and engagement.

That’s where proper microphone technique comes into play. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or a beginner, understanding effective mic techniques will make a huge difference in the overall quality of your podcast. But don’t stress―there’s no need to apply to audio school yet; here at B&H, we have your back and are ready to show you the ropes. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for proper mic placement, distance, and technique to help you take your podcast audio to new levels.

Mic Positioning

One of the most important aspects of any audio recording scenario is mic placement. Ask any engineer, and they will tell you that you can buy as many expensive preamps, mics, and audio processors as you want, but none of those things will come close to the importance of mastering proper mic placement techniques. Podcasting is no different, and one of the primary reasons why it makes a night-and-day difference is the tendency of dynamic mics, the most common podcasting mic, to be affected by what is known as the proximity effect.

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